CR Muterspaw Lumber stocks a wide variety of domestic hardwood lumber. Selections include such species as Alder, Ash, Aromatic Cedar, Basswood, Birch, Cherry, Cypress, Hard Maple, Hickory, Eastern White Pine, Poplar, Red Oak, Sassafras, White Oak, Walnut, and more.

Most species are stored hit/miss planed, but S2S, S3S, and S4S are available with 2-day notice for millwork. For orders of 500 BF or more, call for wholesale pricing. If you’re looking for something unique, shop online for Hand Selected boards.

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Domestic Hardwood Lumber Prices0-99BF100+BF
Domestic Hardwood Lumber Prices0-99BF100+BF
4/4 Alder$5.80$5.45
4/4 Ash$4.15$3.90
5/4 Ash$5.25$4.95
6/4 Ashoutout
8/4 Ash$5.70$5.20
12/4 Ashoutout
8/4 Swamp Ash
4/4 Aromatic Cedar # 1 Com/Btr$4.70$4.50
4/4 Barnwood
4/4 Barnwood Shorts$4.50$4.10
4/4 Basswood$3.65$3.10
8/4 Basswood$4.95$4.65
4/4 Beechoutout
4/4 Birch$3.90$3.44
4/4 Black Locustoutout
8/4 Black Locustoutout
4/4 Butternutoutout
8/4 Butternutoutout
4/4 Catalpa$3.10$2.90
1/2″ Cherry$4.75$4.50
4/4 Cherry (Gummy)$5.19$4.85
4/4 Cherry$4.30$3.60
4/4 Cherry Wide$5.30$4.60
4/4 Rustic Cherry$1.95$1.76
5/4 Cherry$4.85$4.15
5/4 Cherry Wide$5.85$5.15
6/4 Cherry$4.90$4.48
8/4 Cherry$5.20$4.50
12/4 Cherry$7.25$6.95
16/4 Cherry$8.25$7.95
4/4 Chestnut American Rusticoutout
4/4 Cypress$7.30$6.90
8/4 Cypress$8.30$7.90
4/4 Pecky Cypressoutout
4/4 Hackberry$3.25$3.00
1/2″ Hard Maple White$4.25$4.80
4/4 Hard Maple White$4.00$3.55
5/4 Hard Maple White$5.00$4.55
8/4 Hard Maple White$5.60$5.35
16/4 Hard Maple White$8.80$8.35
4/4 Honey Locust 1 com$2.65$2.35
4/4 Maple Bark Pocketoutout
4/4 Spalted Maple$8.50$8.20
4/4 Brown Mapleoutout
4/4 Soft Maple White$4.50$4.15
5/4 Soft Maple White$4.75$4.40
8/4 Soft Maple White$5.68$5.38
4/4 Hickory$3.60$3.95
8/4 Hickory$5.95$5.35
4/4 Hickory Rustic$2.95$2.65
4/4 Eastern White Pine$3.15$2.95
8/4 Eastern White Pine$3.50$3.10
1/2″ Poplar$2.90$2.70
4/4 Poplar$2.70$2.45
4/4 Poplar S3S$2.95$2.70
4/4 Poplar 10 + Wide$3.20$2.95
5/4 Poplar$2.95$2.65
6/4 Poplar$3.15$2.85
8/4 Poplar$3.15$2.85
12/4 Poplar$3.35$3.00
4/4 Red Elm$3.35$3.00
1/2″ Red Oak$3.40$3.20
4/4 Red Oak$3.15$2.90
5/4 Red Oak$3.55$3.35
8/4 Red Oak$4.75$4.50
4/4 Sassafras$3.40$3.20
4/4 Walnut Rustic$3.95$3.60
4/4 Walnut- Regular$7.20$6.80
4/4 Walnut -Prime$10.95$10.47
4/4 Walnut WideCallCall
5/4 Walnut Regular$9.50$8.95
5/4 Walnut Prime$11.25$10.80
6/4 Walnut -Regular$10.95$10.47
8/4 Walnut -Prime$12.50$11.90
8/4 Walnut- Regular$9.60$8.95
12/4 Walnut- Regular$13.50$12.99
4/4 White Oak$7.20$6.85
5/4 White Oak$8.55$8.20
8/4 White Oak$10.80$10.30
4/4 Rustic White Oak$2.80$2.55

Its distinctive straight graining and pronounced ray flecking is prized by cabinetmakers, especially in the Mission and Arts and Crafts style. Quartersawn lumber is more stable than plainsawn lumber, making it a great choice for high-end furniture and cabinetry.

The most sought after quartersawn lumber is White Oak and Red Oak. Quartersawn White Oak and quartersawn Red Oak have pronounced medullar ray flecking or figure, making them highly prized in the woodworking arena. Other popular quartersawn lumber includes species such as quartersawn Cherry, quartersawn Hard Maple, and quartersawn Walnut. Wide, book matched, and exceptionally-figured pieces are featured through our online store.

If you’re looking for something unique, shop online for Hand Selected boards.

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Quarter/Rift Sawn Hardwood Lumber0-99BF100+BF
Quarter/Rift Sawn Hardwood Lumber0-99BF100+BF
4/4 Qtr. Sawn Ash$6.40$5.95
4/4 Qtr. Sawn Cherry$8.75$8.45
4/4 Qtr. Sawn Hard Maple$9.95$9.35
4/4 Qtr Red Oak 7+ WideCallCall
4/4 Qtr Red Oak$5.70$5.30
4/4 Qtr White Oak$9.40$8.95
5/4 Qtr White Oak$10.40$9.90
8/4 Qtr White Oak$12.45$11.85
8/4 Rift White Oak
4/4 Qtr White Oak WideCallCall
4/4 Rift White Oak
4/4 Qtr Curly White Oak
4/4 Qtr. Sawn Sycamore$6.25$5.99
4/4 Rift Sycamore
5/4 Qtr. Sawn Sycamoreoutout
8/4 Qtr. Sawn Sycamoreoutout
4/4 Qtr Walnut$12.25$11.95

Our Curly Maple and Tiger Maple are available with heart color or selected for prime white color. Our Curly Cherry is selected for good red color and fantastic curl from the forests of Pennsylvania. Our Figured lumber is available in random width and length sizes as well as wide, book matched, and sets from the same log for consistent color and figure throughout.

Figured hardwood lumber species include Ambrosia Maple, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Tiger Maple, Curly Hard Rock Maple, Curly Soft Maple, Curly Cherry, Gummy Cherry, Curly Hickory, Curly White Oak, and Curly Walnut.

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Figured Hardwood Lumber0-99BF100+BF
Figured Hardwood Lumber0-99BF100+BF
4/4 Ambrosia Maple$3.60$3.20
5/4 Ambrosia Maple$3.60$3.20
6/4 Ambrosia Maple$3.60$3.20
8/4 Ambrosia Maple$4.60$4.20
12/4 Ambrosia Maple
4/4 Birdseye Maple Mild-Medium Figure$9.50$9.00
4/4 Birdseye Maple Heavy Figure$12.00$11.50
4/4 Birch Flame$6.95$6.55
8/4 Birch Flame
4/4 Spalted Maple$8.50$8.20
4/4 Tiger Curly Maple$5.90$5.60
4/4 Tiger Curly w/ heartwood$5.49$5.10
4/4 Tiger Curly Maple 10+ Wide/BMCallCall
5/4 Tiger Curly Maple$6.00$5.65
5/4 Tiger Curly Maple 10+ WideCallCall
8/4 Tiger Curly Maple$7.00$6.75
8/4 Tiger Curly Maple 10+ Wide$10.00$9.75
12/4 Tiger Curly Mapleoutout
4/4 Curly Hard Maple$6.15$5.75
4/4 Curly Cherry$5.35$4.95
5/4 Curly Cherry$5.95$5.50
8/4 Curly Cherry$8.00$7.50
12/4 Curly Cherry
4/4 Curly Cherry 10+Wide/BookmatchCallCall
4/4 Cherry (Gummy)$4.75$4.45
4/4 Curly Hickory$4.75$4.40
5/4 Euro Figured Sycamoreoutout
4/4 Curly Walnutoutout

CR Muterspaw Lumber offers a great selection of quality exotic lumber for sale. We stock many of the finest examples of exotic woods available in the world. Such species available in exotic wood include Bloodwood, Bolivian Rosewood, Bubinga, Curly Makore, Gaboon Ebony, Mahogany, Jatoba, Lacewood, Padauk, Peruvian Walnut, Purpleheart, Tigerwood, Wenge, Zebrawood, and more.

Our exotic woods unless noted are kiln dried, FAS grade, and stored hit/miss planed. All forms of millwork are available with two days’ notice prior to pickup. If you do not see the exotic wood you are looking for, give us a call so we can track down the exact wood you would like. Looking for something unique? Shop online for Hand Selected boards.

Unless noted, our exotic woods are kiln dried, FAS grade, and stored hit/miss planed.

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Exotic Wood Prices0-99BF100+BF
Exotic Wood Prices0-99BF100+BF
4/4 Acaciaoutout
8/4 Black Limba$9.75$9.25
4/4 Bloodwood$12.80$12.30
8/4 Bloodwood$14.00$13.50
4/4 Bocote$26.75$25.80
8/4 Bocote$29.75$25.80
4/4 Bolivian Rosewood ShortsCALLCALL
4/4 Bolivian Rosewood$27.00$24.00
8/4 Bolivian Rosewoodoutout
4/4 Bubinga$13.50$12.50
8/4 Bubinga$17.00$15.50
4/4 Canarywood$13.60$12.30
4/4 Spanish Cedar$6.50$5.95
4/4 Curly Makoreoutout
4/4 Gaboon Ebony$99.00$99.00
4/4 Goncalo Alves
4/4 Jatoba$10.30$9.30
4/4 Koa Hawaiiancallcall
4/4 African Mahogany$7.10$6.70
8/4 African Mahogany$7.45$7.00
12/4 African Mahogany$8.35$7.95
4/4 Honduras Mahogany$12.85$12.20
8/4 Honduras Mahogany$12.85$12.20
4/4 Lacewood$15.25$14.75
8/4 Lacewood$15.75$15.25
5/4 Macassar Ebony$60.00$50.00
4/4 Olivewood$19.50$18.95
4/4 Padauk$9.65$9.15
8/4 Padauk$9.65$9.15
4/4 Peruvian Walnut$9.35$8.89
4/4 Picana
4/4 Purpleheart$11.25$10.80
8/4 Purpleheart$11.25$10.80
4/4 Sapele$7.10$6.70
8/4 Sapele$7.10$6.70
4/4 Qtr. Sawn Sapele$7.10$6.70
8/4 Qtr. Sawn Sapele$7.10$6.70
4/4 TeakCallCall
4/4 Wenge$19.00$18.50
8/4 Wenge$20.00$19.00
4/4 Yellowheart$12.95$12.00
4/4 Zebrawood Qtr. Sawn$19.50$19.00
8/4 Zebrawood Qtr. Sawn$19.50$19.00

CR Muterspaw Lumber carries a great selection of Hardwood Plywoods. Our in-stock, furniture-grade, veneer core, domestic hardwood plywood prices are listed below. We carry Baltic Birch Plywood, Cherry Plywood, Maple Plywood, Poplar Plywood, Red Oak Plywood, Walnut Plywood, White Oak Plywood and more.

Plywood is sold by the sheet and is available in a full (4×8) sheet, 1/2 (4×4) sheet or 1/4 (2×4) sheet. Baltic Birch plywood is sized differently. Full sheets are 5×5, 1/2 sheets are 30″x60″, and 1/4 sheets are 30″x30″.

We will also cut sheets to haul; more than one cut requires advance notice.

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Hardwood Plywood
Hardwood Plywood
Species1-4 Sheets5+ Sheets1/2 Sheet1/4 Sheet
1/8 Baltic Birch 3MM 5×5$31.76$29.85$17.00$8.50
1/4 Baltic Birch 6MM 5×5$43.82$40.32$21.91$10.95
3/8 Baltic Birch 9MM 5×5$61.60$57.60$30.80$15.40
1/2 Baltic Birch 12MM 5X5$77.36$75.36$43.68$21.84
3/4 Baltic Birch 18MM 5×5$106.40$103.40$53.20$26.80
1/4 Birch$68.42$63.42$34.21$17.10
1/4″ Birch Import$28.46$26.46$14.23$7.11
1/2 Birch$84.42$81.42$42.21$21.10
3/4 Birch$133.80$128.80$66.90$33.45
1/4 Cherry B4$84.73$80.73$42.36$21.18
1/4 Cherry A4
1/2 Cherry$89.11$85.11$53.55$26.27
3/4 Cherry$133.41$130.41$70.70$40.85
1/4 Maple$88.09$84.09$44.04$22.02
1/4 Maple Import$49.62$46.62$24.81$12.40
1/2 Maple$85.19$81.19$47.59$23.79
3/4 Maple$115.63$113.63$57.81$28.90
3/4 Maple Pre-FinishedCallCallCallCall
1/4 Knotty Pineoutoutoutout
3/4 Knotty Pineoutoutoutout
1/4 Poplar$69.95$66.95$34.97$17.48
1/2 Poplar$92.60$87.60$46.30$23.15
1/2 Poplar Shop$69.86$66.86$34.93$17.46
3/4 Poplar$141.13$137.13$70.56$35.28
3/4 Poplar A1outoutoutout
1/4 Red Oak$82.51$79.51$41.25$20.62
1/4 Red Oak Import$41.58$39.70$20.79$10.39
1/2 Red Oak$85.64$82.64$42.82$21.41
3/4 Red Oak$110.60$108.85$55.30$27.65
1/4 Walnut$105.10$102.10$58.55$29.27
1/2 Walnut-shop$86.61$83.81$43.40$21.70
3/4 Walnut$192.99$189.99$101.49$50.74
1/4 White Oak A4callcall
3/4 White Oakcallcall