1. What is a board foot of lumber and how is it measured? The definition of a board foot is rather simple– one board foot is a piece of lumber that is 1 foot wide, 1 foot long and 1 inch thick, or its volumetric equivalent. An example a board measuring 1” thick in the rough and 6” wide and 8’ long would be 4 board feet. Use the following formula: Thickness (inches) x width (inches) x length (feet) divided by 12. The same board in 8/4 or 2” thick in the rough would be 8 board feet.

2. What does 4/4, 5/4, and 8/4 mean? Lumber thicknesses are referred to as fractions, therefore a 4/4 board is 1” in the rough and a 5/4 board is 1 ¼” thick in the rough.

3. What does hit/miss planed or skim planed mean? This is taking a rough board and planning it slightly so the customer can see the lumber better, making it easier to choose the correct board for your project. These boards are not yet finish planed allowing the customer to plane to final desired thickness or we can plane if customers do not have access to a planer. Millwork requires advanced notice.

4. What width and length are our boards? Hardwood lumber is typically sold random width and length. This means that board widths typically range from 5” wide to 12” wide and lengths are typically 8-12’ long. Widths and lengths can vary in different species of lumber and many unique sized boards are available as well. If you are looking for specific sizes you can always call/email ahead.

5. What does the term S2S, S3S, and S4S mean? If a board is finish planed to final thickness it is called S2S or surfaced to sides. If the board is planed to final thickness and has one straight edge it is referred to as S3S or surfaced three sides. If a board is finish planed, ripped one straight edge, and then ripped to a specific width (like the big box stores do) this is called S4S or surfaced four sides.

6. Is your lumber in the rough? Most of our lumber is hit/miss planed. This makes it easier for customers to choose their lumber but still is thick enough to allow room for milling to final thickness. If you desire rough lumber or lumber finish planed we can provide this with advanced notice before purchasing.

7. What grade of lumber do you carry? We carry the top of the line FAS grade lumber available in the industry unless otherwise noted.

8. Is your lumber kiln dried? Yes, our lumber is kiln dried to industry standards of 6-8% unless noted.

9. Will you cut boards for customers? We will cut lumber for customers to make hauling easier. For example, if you purchase a 12’ long board we can cut into two 6’ long boards if that is easier for you to take home with you. There is no charge for this service.

10. Do you ship plywood via FedEx or common carrier? We do ship plywood locally via our own trucks. We do not ship plywood via FedEx or common carrier unless the order contains lumber as well to wrap the plywood during transit. The reason for this policy is because plywood veneers can be easily damaged during shipment and require extreme amount of packaging time.

11. Is our lumber sold by the board foot or linear foot? All of our lumber is sold by the board foot except S4S boards and mouldings which are sold by the linear foot.

12. Are there minimum orders? No.


This was a first time ordering online for me, and I was nervous not having seen the material first hand and not having a prior track record with CR Muterspaw. But I’d say that I’m definitely pleased with the lumber and the whole process of working with you guys. Thanks for the great lumber and it was a pleasure doing business with you.


It has been a real pleasure to deal with Chad. Friendly, helpful, and you can take as long as you need to sort for just that right board. Just finished a cedar chest with wood I got there, and the wood was really super!


I have been to and purchased from Muterspaw Lumber. Chad is a very nice and honest man. If you get a chance stop in and see his stock and meet Chad. You won't be disappointed.

J S.

I have stopped in three times and purchased lumber twice. Each time I felt very welcome and encouraged to browse and sort through your stacks until I was satisfied with my selection. I have purchased lumber in various Ohio locations for my projects for more than 40 years. And I must add your price, quality, not to mention properly stored horizontal FLAT lumber is the best to be found.