CR Muterspaw Lumber specializes in selling kiln-dried lumber, including figured hardwoods, exotic wood, quartersawn lumber, domestic lumber, and live edge slabs. We sell species such as Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple, Quartersawn White Oak, Curly Cherry, Walnut, Lacewood, Padauk, and Rosewood, to name just a few options.

We have hundreds of different types of competitively-priced wood available for all of your woodworking needs.

Hand Picked Specialty Woods for Sale Online


At CR Muterspaw Lumber, we have a fantastic selection of exotic woods and exotic lumber for sale, at some of the best prices you will find. We are one of the top exotic wood suppliers in Ohio and nationwide, offering an extensive selection of quality wood for all your needs.

We stock a variety of exotic species, such as Purpleheart, Rosewood, Ebony, and Zebrawood, but we can source other hard-to-find woods such as Caribbean Rosewood, RedHeart, and Cocobolo.


Live edge wood slabs are cut so the natural edge of the log is left intact during the milling process, highlighting the natural beauty of the lumber. A live edge slab is cut by making repeated full-width cuts through the log while the log is not turned or squared.

This method of sawing live edge slabs accentuates the grain and color found in the log and typically produces much wider boards. Live edge wood slabs are also kept intact during the sawing and drying process so customers can choose book-matched slabs or matching boards with the same color and grain if desired.


Birdseye Maple lumber has a rare characteristic found in Hard Maple trees. Only about 1 percent of all Maple trees contain the Birdseye Maple figure.

To this day, there has been no scientific evidence to explain the origin of its existence or why the Birdseye Maple figure occurs in such a small percentage of all Maple trees. Today, Birdseye Maple is used in every type of woodworking project.

The term birdseye refers to the “eyes” that develop in the tree when it is young. As the tree grows, the eyes generally get bigger.


Our Curly Maple lumber is available with heart color or selected for prime white color. The term Figured Maple means that the Maple hardwood contains a unique design or pattern, or a distinctive mark on its surface. Our Curly Maple lumber and Curly Hard Maple lumber are both available in random width and length sizes as well as wide, book matched, and sets from the same log for consistent color and figure.

Curly Maple is also referred to as Sugar Maple, Rock Maple, Quilted Maple, and Hard Rock Maple. It is a beautiful wood for any woodworking project that has a soft and flowing figure. Curly Maple has been a favorite among furniture makers in America since the early colonial days.


Curly Cherry heartwood varies from rich red to reddish-brown. Curly Cherry lumber is considered by most woodworkers to be one of the finest North American hardwoods available. Since the first American settlers, Cherry wood lumber has been traditionally used in fine furniture.

The wood of the Cherry tree and its curly cherry figure, as well as fine grain texture, are all characteristics prized for their beauty and workability. When the Cherry wood is finished, it results in a beautiful salmon pink to reddish color; over time, it even improves in color.