CR Muterspaw Lumber, located in Xenia, Ohio, is your #1 hardwood dealer in the US for wide, live edge wood slabs for sale in many domestic species such as black walnut, cherry, ash, spalted maple, ash, and white oak, to name a few. Live edge wood slabs are cut so the natural edge of the log is left intact during the milling process, highlighting the natural beauty of the lumber.

What Is A Live Edge Slab?

A live edge slab is cut by making repeated full-width cuts through the log, and the log is not turned or squared during the cutting process. This method of sawing live edge slabs accentuates the grain and color found in the log and typically produces much wider boards. Live edge wood slabs are also kept intact during the sawing and drying process so customers can choose book matched slabs or matching boards with the same color and grain if desired. Live edge wood slabs are also referred to as boules or flitches.

At CR Muterspaw Lumber, it is of the utmost importance to responsibly harvest these giant logs and allow them to continue to live in the awesome projects our customers make with them. Most of our logs are not acquired through typical logging practices but are often urban trees that needed to be removed for various reasons. Most sawmills and live edge wood suppliers will not cut these logs due to the increased risk of metal being found in many of these trees. So even though these trees are large in diameter, many of them are taken to the landfill instead of being used to produce beautiful lumber.

At CR Muterspaw Lumber, we can take the time to live edge saw these logs, air dry the live edge slabs under 20 percent moisture content, and then gently dry them in our solar kiln to their final moisture content of 8 percent. CR Muterspaw Lumber desires to offer the finest selection of live edge wood slabs at the most affordable prices. Our slabs are available for inspection at our location and through our online store. Although we are located in Ohio, we can ship our live edge slabs across the US, Canada, and overseas. Live edge wood slabs are prized by woodworkers for a variety of uses including dining room table top slabs, coffee tables, benches, countertops, mantles, and conference room tables.

If you are in need of a beautiful live edge wood slab for your next project, contact CR Muterspaw Lumber today. We service customers at our hardwood lumberyard in Xenia, Ohio, or online anywhere in the United States.

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