Bolivian Rosewood: Exotic Wood

Heavy and dense exotic wood with great color variation in the wood, Bolivian Rosewood typically has a red to brown background with darker streaks of black color. Bolivian Rosewood can also have very defined streaks of white sapwood. This lumber is highly prized for the unique colors that are present in this species. Boards are typically narrower and shorter than other exotic lumber, and wide and long boards bring a premium price. 

Exotic Wood: Bolivian Rosewood


Origin of Wood TypeSouth America
Botanical NameMachaerium Spp.
Specific Gravity.87
Avg. Weight Per BF5.4 lbs
Color RangeBrown to red with black streaks, Sapwood white
Rarity / AvailabilitySomewhat Rare
Typical Avg. Width3 – 7 inches
Typical Avg. Length3 – 7 feet, long lengths are difficult to source
Avg. Waste Factor25%
Wood UsesFurniture, Millwork, Musical Instruments, and Boxes
Lumber GradesFAS
Other Trade Names Pau Ferro, Santos Rosewood, or Morado