Bubinga: Exotic Wood

Heavy and dense exotic wood that has great brown to red color; it can also have streaks of black in it. Figures can be present in Bubinga, and wide widths are available in this species since the tree grows quite large. Bubinga is a very popular exotic wood due to the great color and relatively affordable price point. 

Bubinga Wood for Sale


Origin of Wood TypeAfrica
Botanical NameGuibourtia Spp.
Specific Gravity.90
Avg. Weight Per BF5.8 lbs
Color RangeReddish-brown
Rarity / AvailabilityCommon
Typical Avg. Width6 inches or wider, slabs to 40″ wide
Typical Avg. Length8 – 12 feet, slabs to 20 feet
Avg. Waste Factor25%
Wood UsesFurniture, Cabinetry, or Millwork
Lumber GradesFAS
Other Trade Names African Rosewood