Walnut: Quarter/Rift Sawn Lumber

Quartersawn Walnut is prized for its black-brown heartwood color with a straight grain. Quartersawn Walnut is used most often for stability and for the desired visual effect the straight grain can add to a project. Quartersawn Walnut does not create a large fleck like the oaks do when quartersawn.

Quartersawn Walnut Lumber for Sale


Origin of Wood TypeThe U.S.
Botanical NameJuglans Nigra
Specific Gravity.60
Avg. Weight Per BF3.7 lbs
Color RangeBlack to brown heartwood, white sapwood
Rarity / AvailabilityCommon
Typical Avg. Width5 – 16 inches
Typical Avg. Length8 – 12 feed
Avg. Waste Factor30% or higher depending on color requirements and knot usage
Wood UsesAll woodworking, flooring, and cabinetry
Lumber GradesFAS through 2 common rustic
Other Trade Names American Black Walnut or Black Walnut