Walnut Wood & Walnut Lumber

Walnut Wood or Walnut Lumber is classified as a domestic hardwood lumber. Walnut has been prized by cabinetmakers for centuries. Walnut has a great dark black color which tends to lighten over time. Walnut can have contrasting white sapwood which many woodworkers also find desirable. Walnut can be purchased where the walnut has been sorted for good black color or walnut can be bought as a sappy walnut which will have high amounts of contrasting white color. Commercial walnut is steamed to even the color but we also source un-steamed walnut which is desired by high end cabinetmakers. The steaming process can make the walnut bland but unsteamed walnut keeps the black hue that walnut naturally exhibits. Walnut is one of the favorite traditional hardwoods available in the United States. Walnut has a Janka hardness of: 1010