Ash: Domestic Hardwood

Ash Lumber is classified as a domestic wood and is sometimes referred to as White Ash, Green Ash, Red Ash, Black Ash, or Brown Ash. The heartwood of Ash is a grayish brown but sometimes has a red tinge to it. It is usually straight grained with a smooth texture.

Ash is generally used for sporting goods, bats, oars, pool cues, tool handles, cabinetwork, furniture making, high-class joinery, plywood, paneling, and veneer. Its bending qualities can vary but it has good strength, stiffness, and hardness considering it is relatively lightweight. It also stains, glues, and polishes well.

Ash has a Janka hardness of 1320.

Domestic Hardwood for Sale: Ash


Origin of Wood Type Eastern U.S.
Botanical Name Fraxinus Americana
Specific Gravity .64
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.5 pounds
Color Range White cream sapwood, heartwood can be brown
Rarity / Availability Readily available, but Emerald Ash Borer may make supply scarce soon
Typical Avg. Width 5 – 12 inches wide
Typical Avg. Length 8 – 12 feet long
Avg. Waste Factor 25 percent
Wood Uses All woodworking applications, baseball bats, drawers, tool handles
Lumber Grades Rustic, 2 common, 1 common
Other Trade Names White Ash, American Ash, Ash