Sassafras Wood & Sassafras Lumber

Sassafras Wood or Sassafras Lumber is classified as a domestic hardwood lumber that ranges throughout the eastern United States.The sapwood is light yellow and narrow; the heartwood is orange to dark brown, occasionally with orange swirls about ¼ to ½ inch in diameter. The wood is ring porous, making the growth rings very distinct. The early wood pores are easily seen with the naked eye. The wood, when freshly cut, has the distinctive odor of sassafras. The wood tends to darken with exposure to light. Workability: The wood has excellent machining characteristics and is a favorite for home woodworking projects. Sassafras is also a great alternative to white oak, is has the same looking grain but is much lighter and is typically more affordable. Sassafras has a Janka hardness of: 630