Gaboon Ebony: Exotic Wood

Gaboon Ebony is one of the most expensive exotic woods and is typically available in small short pieces and turning squares. Gaboon Ebony is most often used for musical instruments and accent pieces, plugs, and inlays.

Gaboon Ebony is one of the blackest woods available with little to no grain although the wood can have mild colored streaks in it as well. 

Exotic Wood: Gaboon Ebony


Origin of Wood TypeAfrica
Botanical NameDiospyros Crassiflora
Specific Gravity.98
Avg. Weight Per BF6.0 lbs
Color RangeBlack to black with mild yellow streaks
Rarity / AvailabilityModerate Rare
Typical Avg. Width2 – 4 inches
Typical Avg. Length12 – 48 inches
Avg. Waste Factor20%
Wood UsesInlays, Plugs, Accent Pieces, or Musical Instruments
Lumber GradesFAS, turning squares
Other Trade Names African Ebony, Gabon Ebony, or Gaboon Ebony