Cypress: Domestic Hardwood

Cypress wood is often used when durability or weather resistance is important. Cypress is a great lumber for exterior projects including Adirondack chairs, benches, picnic tables, and porch swings.

Cypress is easy to machine, router, and holds fasteners quite well. Cypress is relatively clear with a blonde to golden blonde appearance; the heart wood can be darker in color. Cypress can also resemble a clear pine and has long been used in the Southern United States as the choice for lumber that is exposed to the elements.

Cypress will have a nice gray color if left outside with no finish. Cypress is also naturally resistant to most bugs and pests.

Cypress has a Janka hardness of 1370.

Cypress Wood for Sale


Origin of Wood Type Southern U.S.
Botanical Name Taxodium
Specific Gravity .42
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.4 lbs
Color Range Light tan to dark brown, Sapwood lighter
Rarity / Availability Common
Typical Avg. Width 5 – 12 inches
Typical Avg. Length 8 – 16 feet
Avg. Waste Factor 25%
Wood Uses Woodworking or Exterior Projects
Lumber Grades FAS through 2 common
Other Trade Names Bald Cypress and American Cypress