Cherry Hardwood

Used for all types of woodworking, cabinetmaking, and flooring applications, Cherry lumber is one of the most prized American hardwoods. The best Cherry logs come from the Pennsylvania area due to the soil, climate, and forest makeup of this area. We source our Cherry lumber from mills located in the Pennsylvania area.

Cherry color starts as a pink salmon and will naturally redden with age and exposure to sunlight. Sapwood in Cherry is white in color. Cherry is available in plainsawn, quartersawn, and figured Curly Cherry.

Cherry Wood for Sale


Origin of Wood TypeThe U.S., but primarily the Pennsylvania area
Botanical NamePrunus Serotina
Specific Gravity.47
Avg. Weight Per BF3.5 lbs
Color RangeLight salmon pink to dark red
Rarity / AvailabilityCommon
Typical Avg. Width5 – 15 inches
Typical Avg. Length6 – 12 feet, but slabs range up to 16 foot
Avg. Waste Factor25%
Wood UsesWoodworking, Cabinetry, Flooring, and Musical Instruments
Lumber GradesFAS through 2 common and rustic
Other Trade Names American Cherry, American Black Cherry