Bloodwood: Exotic Wood

Bloodwood is a very heavy, dense exotic wood with a bright red to deep red/brown color. Bloodwood is often used for the color and contrast that it can provide when combined with other woods in the same project. Bloodwood can be difficult to work with due to its dense nature, so quality, sharp tools are required. 

Bloodwood for Sale


Origin of Wood Type Africa
Botanical Name Brosimum Rubescens
Specific Gravity 1.04
Avg. Weight Per BF 6.5 lbs
Color Range Bright red to brown-red
Rarity / Availability Somewhat rare
Typical Avg. Width 4 – 12 inches
Typical Avg. Length 4 – 12 feet
Avg. Waste Factor 25%
Wood Uses Furniture, Cutting Boards, Turkey Calls, and Boxes
Lumber Grades FAS
Other Trade Names Satine or Bloodwood