Aromatic Cedar: Domestic Hardwood

Aromatic Cedar is classified as a domestic wood and is sometimes referred to as Eastern Red Cedar, Southern Red Juniper, Incense Cedar, Savin, Pencil Cedar, or Pencil Juniper.

Aromatic Cedar has varying shades of red color; however, thin sapwood can be nearly white. Except for the knots, the grain is very fine, even, and has a delicate fragrance to it.

It is commonly used for making chests, furniture, shingles, quality fencing, and boat building. It is also easy to work with, and it can be planed to have a very smooth finish. The joints hold well when screwed, glued, or nailed together. It can also be painted, holds hard enamels, and can be stained and polished.

Aromatic Cedar has a Janka hardness of 900.

Domestic Hardwood - Aromatic Cedar


Origin of Wood Type Eastern U.S.
Botanical Name Juniperus Virginiana
Specific Gravity .43
Avg. Weight Per BF 3 pounds
Color Range Red heartwood and white sapwood
Rarity / Availability Commonly available
Typical Avg. Width 4 – 8 inches wide
Typical Avg. Length 6 – 12 feet long
Avg. Waste Factor .25 unless color and clarity are desired
Wood Uses Blanket Chests, Drawer Linings, and Furniture Lumber
Lumber Grades Typically sold 2 common or better
Other Trade Names Aromatic Cedar, Red Cedar, and Eastern Red Cedar