Ambrosia Maple: Figured Lumber

Ambrosia Maple is typically a soft maple tree that has been invested with a beetle. The beetle bores a small hole in the wood, bringing with it a fungus that gives the maple a unique color. Ambrosia Maple wood can have a typical white, maple background with lots of grey streaks, left by the ambrosia beetle.

Ambrosia Maple boards can also have lots of pink and red heartwood colors. Kiln drying this type of wood kills all further bug activity and makes it a unique multi-colored hardwood that is very desirable, especially in super figured species.

Ambrosia Maple Figured Wood


Origin of Wood Type Eastern U.S.
Botanical Name Acer Rubrum
Specific Gravity .60
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.8 lbs
Color Range Light white sapwood, heartwood pink to grey
Rarity / Availability Common
Typical Avg. Width 5 – 14 inches
Typical Avg. Length 8 – 16 feet
Avg. Waste Factor 20%
Wood Uses All woodworking and cabinetry
Lumber Grades FAS through 2 common
Other Trade Names Ghost Maple, Wormy Maple