Jatoba Wood & Jatoba Lumber

Jatoba Wood or Jatoba Lumber is classified as an Exotic wood and is sometimes referred to as Guapinal, West Indian Locust, Jutaby, Brazilian Cherry and Copal. The heartwood of Jatoba is usually a salmon red to orange-brown and is marked with dark brown streaks and has a golden luster while the grain of Jatoba is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture. Jatoba glues and stains well, holds screws well but nails poorly and does not take a high polish. Jatoba is used in furniture making, cabinetmaking, flooring, joinery, tool handles and sporting goods as well as wheel rims. Jatoba has a Janka hardness rating of: 2350.

Figured Lumber

Welcome to the brand new online store at crlumber.com. Our store will feature unique individual boards, wide boards, sets from the same log, book matched boards, musical or luthier quality lumber, figured, domestic, quartersawn, and exotic hardwood lumber. These items will be pictured, priced, and available for immediate purchase directly from our online store. For your convienence,we will also feature hobby packs from 10-40 board feet and 100 board feet bulk packs of random width and length hardwood lumber. Please bear with us and check back often as we continue to make our extensive inventory available through this new online store. If you don't see what you are looking for on the online store, feel free to call, as this is a very limited amount of our actual available inventory on hand.
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