Cherry Wood & Cherry Lumber

Cherry Wood or Cherry Lumber is considered a Domestic wood and is sometimes referred to as Cabinet Cherry, Black Cherry or Wild Cherry. The heartwood of Cherry can vary from a rich red to a reddish-brown but the sapwood is white. It has a straight fine grain with pockets of narrow brown pith flecks and small gum pockets and has a smooth texture. Cherry, glues, nails and stains well and can be polished to an excellent finish. Cherry is often used for furniture making, cabinetmaking, high-class joinery, flooring, paneling, and veneer, boat interiors and is an excellent turning and carving wood. Cherry has a Janka hardness rating of: 950

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  • 4/4QtrC30BF


    30BF Hobby Pack Qtr. Sawn Cherry


  • 5/4C40BF


    40BF Hobby Pack 5/4 Cherry

    5/4 x RW x 3-5'

  • 8/4C40BF


    40BF Hobby Pack 8/4 Cherry

    8/4 x RW x 3-5'

  • CC40BF


    40BF Hobby Pack 4/4 Curly Cherry

    4/4 x RW x 3-5'



    Cherry Live Edge Slab



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