4/4 Chestnut Rustic 20BF Pack


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20BF Hobby Pack
4/4 Chestnut- Rustic
4/4 x RW x 3-6′

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This is a 20 board feet pack of 4/4 chestnut lumber, rustic grade, kiln dried, FAS grade, random widths typically 5 inches and wider, lengths are cut to 3-6 foot to ship easier. Call or email if longer lengths are needed.

Note: This is not reclaimed lumber. This is true American Chestnut lumber that came from trees that were resistant to the blight that wiped out almost all of the chestnut trees in North America in the late 20th Century.At one time the chestnut tree covered nearly 60 percent of the forests located in North America. This lumber was prized by settlers in North America it has been nearly extinct except for what could be reclaimed out of old structures built with chestnut lumber. There were several small stands of chestnut tress, located throughout the US, that made it through the blight that devastated the chestnut tree in North America. One stand of trees was located in the Michigan area. This grove of trees had reached maturity and had started to die so the lumber was harvested. The tree DNA was also reproduced, producing seedlings that were replanted so that Chestnut trees can begin to grow again in North America. This is a prized hardwood lumber that we have never been able to get until this batch of chestnut lumber arrived. Very unique and hard to find typically only in reclaimed material but this Chestnut lumber is clean FAS grade, freshly kiln dried lumber. Truly a chance to work with a piece of history.

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