Purpleheart Wood & Purpleheart Lumber

Purple Heart Wood or Purple Heart Lumber is classified as a Exotic wood and is sometimes referred to as Tananeo, Amaranth, Saka, Violetwood, Pau Roxo, Koroboreli and Morado. The heartwood of Purpleheart heartwood is a deep purple-violet when freshly cut, maturing to a dark brown however the original color can be restored when re-cut. Purpleheart has a straight grain but it can sometimes be irregular or wavy and sometimes even interlocked and it has a moderate to fine texture to it. Pre-drilling is needed for nailing purposes but it does glue well and stains and finishes easily. It is most often used for heavy outdoor constructional work, fresh water piling, dock work, bridge building, vats and cladding,flooring and tool handles, furniture and decorative veneers and inlaying. Purpleheart has a Janka hardness rating of: 1860