Poplar Wood & Poplar Lumber

Poplar Wood or Poplar Lumber is classified as a Domestic wood and is sometimes referred to as, Cucumber, French Aspen, Robusta, Finnish Aspen and Swedish Aspen. The heartwood of Poplar is usually creamy-white to gray in color but can also sometimes be a pale brown or pinkish-brown with a straight grain with a fine and even texture. Poplar does nail and screw well but, it does take stain poorly with usually blotchy results although it does paint and varnish well and can be finished well also. Because Poplar is tough and non-splintering it is perfect for very rough usage such as for the bottoms of wagons and carts, it is also used in furniture framing, drawers and toys, veneers and plywood, flooring and boxes and crates. Poplar has a Janka hardness rating of: 300