Euro-Figured Sycamore: Figured Lumber

This Sycamore is most often sourced from England. The curl in this species resembles the American Curly Maple. European-figured Sycamore has a white sapwood and a curl going across the width of the board. Euro-figured Sycamore can have streaks of heartwood but is most often sourced for its white color.

European-figured Sycamore is used a lot in architectural millwork and the music industry.

Figured Sycamore Lumber


Origin of Wood TypeEurope, primarily England
Botanical NameAcer Pseudoplatanus
Specific Gravity.60
Avg. Weight Per BF3.6 lbs
Color RangeWhite with occasional heartwood streak
Rarity / AvailabilityCommon
Typical Avg. Width5 – 12 inches
Typical Avg. Length8 – 12 feet
Avg. Waste Factor20%
Wood UsesWoodworking, Furniture, Cabinetry, and Musical Instruments
Lumber GradesFAS
Other Trade Names European Maple or Euro Figured Sycamore