Curly Maple Wod for Sale

At CR Lumber we have a great selection of Curly Maple Wood for sale for you to choose from.  Our Curly Maple lumber is available with heart color or selected for prime white color. The term Figured Maple means that the Maple hardwood contains a unique design or pattern, or a distinctive mark on its surface. Our Curly Maple lumber and Curly Hard Maple lumber are both available in random width and length sizes as well as wide, book matched, and sets from the same log for consistent color and figure throughout. Curly Maple, also referred to as sugar maple, rock maple, quilted maple &  hard rock maple is a beautiful wood for any woodworking project that has a soft and flowing figure that many woodworkers seek and Curly Maple has been a favorite among furniture makers in America since the early Colonial days. And did you know that the heels of most women’s shoes were made from maple until the turn of the century? To this day, it is largely unknown how curly figured maple originates. It is unknown if it is due to climate, soil, wind, or other anomalies that occur in nature. Regardless, one fact remains, that many wood workers and instrument makers seek curly maple lumber as a primary wood for making fine furniture such as dressers, bookshelves, and jewelry boxes for example. And the Luthiers (instrument makers) consider Figured and Curly Maple wood to be a perfect wood for the creation of their acoustic guitars, electric guitars, arch bass guitars, violins and mandolins. The term “quilted maple” refers to a type of “figure” within the maple wood itself. It is seen on the tangential plane (flat-sawn) and looks like a wavy “quilted” pattern, often similar to ripples on water and is a distortion of the grain pattern itself It is often used frequently in the manufacturing of musical instruments especially guitars and prized for it’s beauty. Our online store features exceptionally curly maple lumber, musical and luthier grade lumber, wide and bookmatched lumber, and sets from the same logs. So if you are looking for Curly Maple Lumber for sale, look no further than CR Muterspaw Lumber. We offer pick-up or nationwide shipping & delivery right to your door.

Characteristics of Curly Maple:

  Average Dry Weight : 45 lbs/ft3 (720 kg/m3) | Janka Hardness : 1450lbf (6450 N) | Specific Gravity : 0.72   Curly Maple for sale from CR Muterspaw Lumber, Exotic and Domestic Wood and Lumbers Suppliers in the U.S. Click Here —>  Curly Maple <–   To shop online for Curly Maple Products Click Here –> Figured Lumber <– For prices on Curly Maple Lumber  


This was a first time ordering online for me, and I was nervous not having seen the material first hand and not having a prior track record with CR Muterspaw. But I’d say that I’m definitely pleased with the lumber and the whole process of working with you guys. Thanks for the great lumber and it was a pleasure doing business with you.


It has been a real pleasure to deal with Chad. Friendly, helpful, and you can take as long as you need to sort for just that right board. Just finished a cedar chest with wood I got there, and the wood was really super!


I have been to and purchased from Muterspaw Lumber. Chad is a very nice and honest man. If you get a chance stop in and see his stock and meet Chad. You won't be disappointed.

J S.

I have stopped in three times and purchased lumber twice. Each time I felt very welcome and encouraged to browse and sort through your stacks until I was satisfied with my selection. I have purchased lumber in various Ohio locations for my projects for more than 40 years. And I must add your price, quality, not to mention properly stored horizontal FLAT lumber is the best to be found.