African Mahogany: Exotic Wood

African Mahogany has a rich brown to a red color resembling true genuine Mahogany but priced much cheaper. African Mahogany can have interlocking grain or grain that twists within a board more than genuine mahogany. African Mahogany is also referred to as Khaya Mahogany.

This is a great alternative to the more expensive genuine Mahogany, and it is becoming more and more popular within the woodworking community.

Exotic Wood - CR Lumber


Origin of Wood TypeAfrica
Botanical NameKhaya Anthothca
Specific Gravity.64
Avg. Weight Per BF3.8 lbs
Color RangeLight brown to deeper brown/reddish
Rarity / AvailabilityCommon
Typical Avg. Width6 inches and wider
Typical Avg. Length8 – 16 feet
Avg. Waste Factor20%
Wood UsesWoodworking, Furniture, Cabinetry, and Musical Instruments
Lumber GradesFAS grade
Other Trade Names Kyaha Mahogany or African Mahogany